Why Do I Need to Attend an International Primary School?

International primary education began at the age of four and continues until the age of eleven or twelve. Most private international schools and the Dutch national school curricula use the International Primary Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme or the European Baccalaureate. The IPC and BPPP are taught from the first year of school until the child reaches the age for admission to the secondary school. Both the IPC and BPPP have similar courses and similar examinations. The main differences between the two are that the IPC covers all states in the world, whereas the BPSP only has countries that are part of the European Union in it.

Kampung School Teacher Says His Students Have The English Proficiency Of  4-Year-Olds

The international primary school is more flexible than the primary school found in the United States. It provides a more interesting learning environment with a larger class size. Some students from other countries prefer this. For parents who want their child to be able to learn with a large group of peers, without having to fit in a lot of social time, this might be a good choice. International students will benefit from having an International Student Association or student council.

Many of the private international schools in the United States also offer a foreign language program. This curriculum is taught to children who speak English as a second language (ESL). Students who speak a language other than English at home may not feel comfortable learning a second language from an International school. However, there are some International schools that include foreign language programs in their curriculum.

Some International schools have both the IEP and BPPP, but some only have the IEP. If you are looking for a private International school, you should ask the International school board what language they teach and what is involved in the International School Program. The International secondary dept is part of the regular school system in many countries. These International schools may offer more activities than regular schools do, including field trips.

International schools may offer financial aid to parents who need help paying for tuition. They should inform you about all aspects of their financial aid policy. Most international school can afford to give financial aid, but some only can afford to give partial tuition assistance. Some International Schools offer scholarship programs. To apply for scholarship programs, you should visit the International School website.

International schools usually have set admission requirements. They may require ESL teachers or non-native English speakers. Most schools in the United States do not have ESL classes. Other admission requirements may include high school certificates, letters of recommendations from teachers or professors, or an interview. You should apply to a school that meets your specific requirements.

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